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Our 2020 Summer Symposium Has Been Canceled due To The Ongoing Pandemic 🙁

We Hope You Will Make plans to attend Next Year


Our purpose is to enhance string teaching through education. Specifically, we strive to help the experienced teacher and the newcomer to string teaching by providing information on pedagogy, teaching strategies, curriculum and literature. We also strive to build a community of string teachers who can seek and find answers to the problems and challenges they face every day.  We do this through our website, offering information and support for the string teacher and through our summer symposium where we provide in-person experience learning and teaching the instruments. We seek to do all of this in a positive and supportive environment.

2020 Summer Symposium

Our 2020 symposium Has Been Canceled Due to the Ongoing Pandemic. We hope you will join us for next year’s workshop

Purpose: The camp is designed to give the string teacher an in-depth understanding of the pedagogy needed to be successful in the first few years of teaching orchestra.

Dates: Canceled

Where: The camp is located at Texas Wesleyan University in Forth Worth, Texas.

Schedule: Each day the camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. There will be a lunch break each day.

Cost: Cost for the camp is $425 per person. This includes instruction, handouts, materials, and rental instruments for the week. Meals and lodging are not included.

Registration: To register, please complete the contact form and indicate you wish to register for the summer camp in the comments section. We will respond with registration details.

Topics: During the week we will cover the following topics in a meaningful and hands-on format.

  • String pedagogy; instrument position, hand position, finger patterns, bow usage, vibrato, etc.
  • String hacks; how to teach these skills to middle school and high school students
  • Developing bowings for your players
  • Appropriate string orchestra literature for various levels of ensembles
  • Appropriate solo and ensemble literature for various levels of players
  • String maintenance and repair; what should I do and what should I not do
  • Teaching pedagogy; planning and instructing the string orchestra class
  • Other topics based on participant’s needs and interests

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